Pizza Speciale
Pizza Pollo
Pizza Pepperoni-Salame
Pizza Mozzarella
Pizza Hawaii
Pizza Funghi
Pizza Quattro Formaggi
Quorn Pizza Pesto
Pizza Salame (Gluten/Lactose Free**)
Pizza Mozzarella (Gluten/Lactose Free**)

Pizza Pollo

Enjoy one of our Thin & Crispy Ristorante Pollo Pizza this evening! Generously topped with mozzarella & Edam cheese, chicken breast, sweetcorn and spinach, over our signature sauce.
A colourful meal to brighten up the week.

Pollo pizza

Discover the delicious, authentic taste of Pizza Ristorante

Generous delicious toppings

We use only the finest quality ingredients to
create generous, mouth-watering toppings.

On an irresistibly thin and crispy base

Enjoy the fresh pizzeria taste with our
Italian-Style pizza base.

Create an authentic pizzeria experience

Enjoy the perfect evening with our
wine and dessert guides

Find your favourite Ristorante pizza
at a major supermarket near you.

The table below helps you to understand where our 10 varieties are stocked, including our most recent tasty additions.

  Tesco Asda Sainsburys Morrisons Waitrose Co Op Iceland Ocado
Pizza Mozzarella                
Pizza Pepperoni-Salame                
Pizza Pollo                
Pizza Funghi                
Pizza Speciale             *  
Pizza Hawaii             *  
Pizza Quattro Formaggi                
Pizza Mozzarella (Gluten & Lactose Free**)       2        
Pizza Salame (Gluten & Lactose Free**)                
Quorn Pizza Pesto             *  
* Iceland Food Warehouse only.
1 Limited Distribution
2 Find Ristorante Gluten Free in the ‘Frozen Free From’ section
** Lactose content < 0.01g/100g